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Samrat Indian Restaurant
Samrat Indian Restaurant
Samrat Indian Restaurant
2529 Apalachee PKWY,
Tallahassee, FL-32301.
Tel: (850)942-1993
Fax: (850)942-8091
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  78. Shrimp or Fish (Tilapia) Curry
Fresh jumbo shrimp or fish cooked with onions and fresh tomatoes.
  79. Shrimp Vindaloo
Shrimp cooked with potatoes and very tangy sauce
  80. Shrimp Mushroom
Shrimp curry cooked with mushrooms
  81. Shrimp Sagwala
Fresh shrimp cooked with spinach and Indian spices
  82. Tandoori Shrimp Bhuna
Selected shrimps cooked in herbs with ginger tomatoes, garlic, and bellpeppers.
  83. Shrimp/Fish (Tilapia ) Tikka Masala
Pieces of shrimp or fish cooked with butter, garlic and Indian spices.
  84. Roti
An typical Indian bread made of whole wheat flour baked in tandoor.
  85. Pheshawri Naan
Naan bread cooked with fennel seeds coconut and raisins.
  86. Naan
Soft and fluffy Indian bread made of superfine flour cooked in tandoor.
  87. Poori
Whole wheat flour puffed bread, deep fried in vegetable oil.
  88. Garlic Naan
Superfine flour bread stuffed with fresh garlic and lightly spiced, Baked in Tandoor.
  89. Pratha
Unleavened layered whole wheat Bread topped with melted butter.
  90. Onion Kulcha
Superfine flour, onion and herbs bread baked in Tandoor.
  91. Aloo Partha
Unleavened layered whole wheat bread suffed with mashed potatoes and a few green peas and lightly spiced.
  92. Keema Naan
Fine flour bread, stuffed with minced lamb, lightly spiced and baked in Tandoor.
  93. Bullet Naan
Leavened fine flour bread soft fluffy, topped with green peppers,
cilantro and buttered.
  94. Cheese or Spinach Naan
Freshly baked wheat bread stuffed with cheese or spinach.
  95. Batura
Deeply fried, super fined bread.
  96. Pickle
Mango, lemon, chilli, or mango chutney.
  97. Raita
Homemade cool yogurt with minced cucumber, carrot, potato.
  98. Onion, chilli, Lemon Salad    
  99. Special Kheer
A famous Indian sweet dish made from milk, rice and nuts, Flavored with cardamom.
  100. Punjabi Kulfi
An ice cream specially from India, flavored with cardamom, Saffron and pistachios.
  101. Gulab Jamun
Dry milk and cottage cheese balls, deep Fried and dipped in Honey syrup
and rose water.
  102. Mango ice cream
Homemade ice cream with mango.
  103. Mango Puddiing
Mango pudding served with fruits.
  102. Ras Malai
Sweet spongy balls dipped in rich, creamy sauce served with pistachios.
  105. Sweet Lassi – A delicious yogurt shake ….. NO REFILL    
  106. Mango Lassi- A delicious mango milkshake ……… NO REFILL    
  107. Mango Juice- …………. NO REFILL    
  108. Coffee    
  109. Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sunkist,Pink lemonade - …. NO REFILL    
  110. Spiced Indian Tea (sweet iced, unsweet iced, or hot tea)    
  111 Chai …… NO REFILL    
  Menu Page 1  
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